Rum Lad is an exciting singer, songwriter whose new album ‘Vandalism,’ spits and snarls without compromise as it observes life during a COVID-19 pandemic as well as reflecting back on a life that hints at having had its moments of difficulty. Vandalism, is a ferocious 10 track record that tackles the Tories with tracks such as 'Frauds' and ''Tory Boy'' while other songs such as ''Psycho' and 'Billy Bully,' delve into the characters that they represent. These are songs that get right to the point, leaving the listener in no doubt as to Rum Lad's disdain for politicians and the social injustice they have created for the working class of this country. This is Rum Lads party political broadcast on behalf of the under dog.”

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“Vandalism” pulls no punches as it questions the Government and their lack of support for the working class and the weakest in our country today. A working class bloke, Rum Lad describes himself as an indie punk ‘n rolla whose songs are about real life, honesty, tragedy, romance & council estates. ”

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Rum Lad is a working class Indie Punk n Rolla hailing from Derbyshire UK, singing songs about real life, honesty, tragedy, romance & council estates.

Brought up on a council estate in Retford, Nottinghamshire you saw a few things to make you open your eyes to the world, from going without food to the miners strikes in the 80's life was hard, but it was also a lesson in how to grow up fast,

I harbour no regrets, I enjoyed my upbringing, but I look back and wonder why the world has got so fast and digital.

Following on from the council estate life in a working class town I've lived up and down the UK for many years with more than a few tales of loss, tragedy, heartbreak, fights and fisticuffs and its been eventful for sure, so putting all this stuff in my brain into songs and creating new energy from past negatives has given me an outlet to share my thoughts with the world

These songs are my observations, memories, thoughts, rants & stories of a very interesting path through life

Once this country has itself out of this covid nightmare Rum Lad will planning gigs up and down the UK and not only sharing the songs of Vandalism but many others too 

See you at the front really soon

Peace - Rum Lad

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