Mental health and it's invisible traits...

This week after a proper battle with my own mental health I decided to return to the Rum Lad world and use my new found positivity to get on with life and music and make the most of what I have.

As a rule I'm a thinker, I overthink, I daydream, I can't sit still, I often wonder if back in the day I'd have been diagnosed with some new fangled condition that years ago probably had me labelled as a little cunt.

I think as a person you never really know when mental health is overtaking your whole life until it hits you hard, you often think your just feeling low or your getting older so obviously lacking in a bit of energy, you often excuse yourself as just having a few days, when in reality what you need is help.

It's no good me saying I'm never going to suffer with mine again and It's no good saying I'm 'fixed' but what I am is Rum Lad, It's me, It's who I am and who I believe in whether it be my views, my passions, my politics, my straight talking manner or my short tempered rants on unfairness. I have zero intention of walking away again whether I'm suffering or not and I'm taking the Tyson Fury route of helping others through making them aware. As a man It's really hard to discuss stuff like this but I'm learning that getting it out in the open whether that be via social media or In person with someone you trust, is always the best option.

Keep strong people, It's been a strange couple of years and we all need each other.

Peace, Rum Lad

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