According to this shithouse government Fatima can change her whole life to suit whatever these frauds want and retrain in something like cyber.

Also Fatima just doesn't know it yet.

The absolute arrogance of this is outstanding, to openly say here you go, put aside your lifetime of training and dreams to fit in with what we say is your new normal. Well let's look at that new normal.

210 billion, apparently that's what it has cost to spend six months fucking about and not really getting anywhere. 210 billion to place people in positions of power like Cummings who have zero idea how the science of this actually works and if they do they are blatantly choosing to ignore it. 210 billion to outsource it to private companies most of which have little to non experience in ppe or any other medical field but DO have links to people within the conservative government. 210 billion to say 'hey! get yourselves in pubs and eat at 50% off your bill but then hey! now that's done with it's clearly everybody's fault the virus is at this stage because people have all been out socialising and mixing in pubs and restaurants.

210 billion to piss on the very working classes that were fooled into putting them in power.

Anybody else in a job of power who blew that much of a companies budget would be put out on the street with immediate effect and sacked lets not beat about the fucking bush here, but not the UK, no, we'll carry on allowing a man on his own mission to waste our money and make our decisions and lead us right up the garden path to oblivion and record breaking unemployment levels.

Good luck Fatima, you might need it when you see the queue for a single solitary job in anything is about a thousand long.....something that they failed to mention when they were telling you, you could retrain.....

Peace. Rum Lad

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