Vaccine theory headache

I don't know about anyone else but I'm tired of hearing it...All the bullshit theories about Pfizer, about Bill Gates, about how long it's taken to make the vaccine, about how people involved with some so called Illuminati are behind it, about what it might do to you in the form of having three heads, about it having a fucking microchip smaller than a pin head, about it tracking Doreen down the road when she's off to buy 200 fags from the local underground fag dealer, about Dave from the estate and how he's got it all worked out and clearly medical science slipped up not having him as part of the team and about how people aren't having it until they've seen someone else having it first just in case The Professionals or Goldmember turn up to take them out in the name of a mass governmental purge....

Have a listen to yourselves and behave, not everything is a bloody conspiracy against humans, sometimes it's just about getting the job done.

I want my life back and gigs back on the table asap......So wheel the bastard out, I'll have mine now

Peace, Rum lad

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