Touring musician shit show

Here we go again.....lies lies lies

I suppose we should be used to it by now, it's the tory way, feed them all bullshit then turn your back on the believers.

Here's the thing, I don't ever believe, not ever, the history of these absolute clowns looking after number one and ignoring the plight of the everyday person is there for all to see, should it be such a surprise that the worst prime minister in history started off saying it was the EU's fault for the changes in how musicians could tour Europe? absolutely not.

His everyday scripted answer, scribbled down on a fag packet, incoherent, smirking lies will never end, he thinks he's above you.

It's simple, music and the arts have been fully ignored by a set of out of touch toffs that believe culture lies in a now 4 million cd box set.

We just have to learn how to kick back and create noise in other ways and make sure we keep fighting to preserve the things we believe in.

Here's hoping when things get back to normal at least the UK will be full to the rafters of eager gigging musicians putting our own scenes fully back to the forefront of music.

Peace - Rum lad

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