Tiers Of A Clown

Well here we are, in a mess, a huge mess.

Tiers of any number are applied countrywide to the dismay of everyone regardless of whether your numbers are correct or not. we've danced around under this government shit show for months and are nowhere near getting it sorted in any sensible way. whatever your stance on this covid situation whether it be scared to death or not having it, its clearly got everyone in a huge fucking tangle. Old people have no idea if they are coming or going, young people are non the wiser either, everyone in the middle is either convinced it's all bollox or are too busy shouting at folk in fucking Tesco over distances and mask wearing, or lack of.

All the while this absolute shit show is happening the likes of the BBC are busy reporting NOT about the mockery being made of our country but yet again about Jeremy Corbyn and taking every moment to give the man a slap about the face, why? As I understand it the man is a humanitarian, he only ever had human beings at the forefront of his mind and I can safely say he would have had no hesitation in helping starving kids throughout the holidays when it comes to giving them free dinners everyday.

Whatever your opinion of politics I can safely say we'd have been in better hands throughout this with him at the helm, though that might not be much of a statement considering the same could be said of Worzel Gummidge, with or without counting head.

I used to say some days I despair, I now just despair, every fucking day


Rum Lad

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