Divide & Conquer

I was having a conversation with someone I consider a close friend these days, Paul Hammond radio DJ from radio show Punk AF, and we were talking about how this bastard of a government were stripping this country so far back in terms of the working classes that they had zero chance in this current covid led climate and that it was going to get far worse than we actually think.

Now the conversation turned pretty quickly to the homeless and how they'd been given a roof over their heads at the beginning of this lockdown and then quickly turned out onto the streets again soon after.

Well, winter is on the way soon and there is plenty of talk of another major lockdown happening so what then? do they miraculously find properties for them again or leave them stranded? We got onto the subject of ex military camps and lots of talk of them being used to house immigrants and how some of that housing might be useful to get people into actual lifetime housing and then we started to talk about why those camps aren't used to house EVERYONE, we have lots of ex military and other skilled people out on the streets so why haven't those people been housed with people from other countries who are in need? share skills, repair these ex military houses together and create a family atmosphere, learn with and about each other, why the separation? why does it have to be those people in there and those people you can go over there, also you people you can stay there as we know that those people over there will fucking hate you even more, we know they have done it with social housing countrywide and to me its all the same.....Divide & Conquer

Why the fuck would these tory bastards want to risk every single person living in harmony all sharing the same thoughts and living in peace? Is it because they are scared to death of a whole country all having the same ideals and completely turning on the very people in power who are happy to see a dysfunctional Great Britain as long as the rich keep getting catered for?

Of course it is, I was brought up on a council estate, my life like lots of other peoples has been up and down, but where I come from you know where you stand when it comes to morals and humanity and this shit never ever sits well with me.

These bastards will never have your back, never, and they will continue to separate all types and races of human beings as hate pays but harmony does not.

Don't be fooled people.


Rum Lad


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