Mental health and it's invisible traits... 

This week after a proper battle with my own mental health I decided to return to the Rum Lad world and use my new found positivity to get on with life and music and make the most of what I have.

As a rule I'm a thinker, I overthink, I daydream, I can't sit still, I often wonder if back in the day I'd have been diagnosed with some new fangled condition that years ago probably had me labelled as a little cunt.

I think as a person you never really know when mental health is overtaking your whole life until it hits you hard, you often think your just feeling low or your getting older so obviously lacking in a bit of energy, you often excuse yourself as just having a few days, when in reality what you need is help.

It's no good me saying I'm never going to suffer with mine again and It's no good saying I'm 'fixed' but what I am is Rum Lad, It's me, It's who I am and who I believe in whether it be my views, my passions, my politics, my straight talking manner or my short tempered rants on unfairness. I have zero intention of walking away again whether I'm suffering or not and I'm taking the Tyson Fury route of helping others through making them aware. As a man It's really hard to discuss stuff like this but I'm learning that getting it out in the open whether that be via social media or In person with someone you trust, is always the best option.

Keep strong people, It's been a strange couple of years and we all need each other.

Peace, Rum Lad

Touring musician shit show 

Here we go again.....lies lies lies

I suppose we should be used to it by now, it's the tory way, feed them all bullshit then turn your back on the believers.

Here's the thing, I don't ever believe, not ever, the history of these absolute clowns looking after number one and ignoring the plight of the everyday person is there for all to see, should it be such a surprise that the worst prime minister in history started off saying it was the EU's fault for the changes in how musicians could tour Europe? absolutely not.

His everyday scripted answer, scribbled down on a fag packet, incoherent, smirking lies will never end, he thinks he's above you.

It's simple, music and the arts have been fully ignored by a set of out of touch toffs that believe culture lies in a now 4 million cd box set.

We just have to learn how to kick back and create noise in other ways and make sure we keep fighting to preserve the things we believe in.

Here's hoping when things get back to normal at least the UK will be full to the rafters of eager gigging musicians putting our own scenes fully back to the forefront of music.

Peace - Rum lad

Vaccine theory headache 

I don't know about anyone else but I'm tired of hearing it...All the bullshit theories about Pfizer, about Bill Gates, about how long it's taken to make the vaccine, about how people involved with some so called Illuminati are behind it, about what it might do to you in the form of having three heads, about it having a fucking microchip smaller than a pin head, about it tracking Doreen down the road when she's off to buy 200 fags from the local underground fag dealer, about Dave from the estate and how he's got it all worked out and clearly medical science slipped up not having him as part of the team and about how people aren't having it until they've seen someone else having it first just in case The Professionals or Goldmember turn up to take them out in the name of a mass governmental purge....

Have a listen to yourselves and behave, not everything is a bloody conspiracy against humans, sometimes it's just about getting the job done.

I want my life back and gigs back on the table asap......So wheel the bastard out, I'll have mine now

Peace, Rum lad

Council estates and Jumpers for goalposts 

I thought I'd write this week's blog about myself and my background, an honest council estate lad who saw it all back in the day.

I was born in 1973 when your mum having you at 17 wasn't exactly the done thing, especially to a dad who was as hard as nails and who liked a drink or two. My parents first place to live was a shitty flat in Retford Notts and it soon came to pass that we ended up on Springfield rd, Rat Alley, the hill amongst other names it got over the years.

When I was a proper little un my dad worked at one of a few of the local power stations up the road and lots of lads local to us worked at either the local pit, the local rubber works, the paper mill or many other industry based jobs including some hot footing it across to Sheffield to the steelworks etc. Then the miners strikes hit, I knew lads at school who it never affected, lads who were from different estates etc, lads whose dads had safe jobs, lads whose parents owned their own homes etc, I never envied them or what their family houses had inside them I just got on with it, but now and then xmas would come around and the bmx not turning up at our house obviously hurt a little bit when all your mates were outside bezzin up and down the road.

What we did have was community, nobody else had that, we had characters too, people would be out on the street playing till all hours with adults sat on the pathways gossiping. You could be ill and off school and old Flo over the road would have you while your mam took the others to school and ran about everywhere, we had families that all had multiple kids, we all knew each and every one. 

My dad was laid off from the power station and was off work a number of years due to the knock on effect of the pits closing etc, he did stuff to make sure we ate, he'd go strawberry picking with the local women who went on vans out to the fields to work, he'd also go down the market and get as much fruit and veg in as he could when the markets were all shutting down etc, it was a different sort of life.....Skint and hungry meant exactly that, I know for a fact my mam and dad went without a dinner on more than one occasion to make sure we got fed, it was normal.

I can't say it was all misery because it wasn't, we knocked about footballing on the local rec, we got up to ultimate amounts of mischief on the estate, scrumping some poor bastards trees for apples and pears, knocking on doors and legging it, pinching milk bottles off doorsteps on your paper round so there was milk at your grandmas on the way round, fuck me we even had the bubble gum machine off the wall up the road from school for nowt else other than a laugh (there was a shit load of 2p's inside but fuck me where was you spending them?) in fact we threw about 200 bubblies in the canal to see if they sank....they did not they carried on running through towards town...wonderful lol!....We walked on the icy canal in winter, we got in scraps with each other on a regular basis, we watched our mams and dads literally pulling each others hair out and throwing each other about through frustration, we watched a black and white tv (when we had one) and we'd eat whatever was put in front of us whether we liked it or not....We voted Labour, we hated the system, we hated the way the police looked down on us, we hated the way school teachers looked at you knowing you were from a council estate, we hated being tagged with being from the estate that we lived on...But later..When you started to understand what your roots were, when you started to understand what sacrifice and integrity and honesty meant you knew it didn't matter what you were labelled as, you were a real human being, a part of real British culture, someone with morals and someone who could stand on his own two feet without the need for an ego massage or a lift up from Rupert and Jemima, we were strong.

Don't ever let this tory scum or anyone from up above tell you your not good enough or make you feel undervalued just because you come from the social housing sector of Great Britain....It's the very place where real people are made.


Rum Lad


Tiers Of A Clown 

Well here we are, in a mess, a huge mess.

Tiers of any number are applied countrywide to the dismay of everyone regardless of whether your numbers are correct or not. we've danced around under this government shit show for months and are nowhere near getting it sorted in any sensible way. whatever your stance on this covid situation whether it be scared to death or not having it, its clearly got everyone in a huge fucking tangle. Old people have no idea if they are coming or going, young people are non the wiser either, everyone in the middle is either convinced it's all bollox or are too busy shouting at folk in fucking Tesco over distances and mask wearing, or lack of.

All the while this absolute shit show is happening the likes of the BBC are busy reporting NOT about the mockery being made of our country but yet again about Jeremy Corbyn and taking every moment to give the man a slap about the face, why? As I understand it the man is a humanitarian, he only ever had human beings at the forefront of his mind and I can safely say he would have had no hesitation in helping starving kids throughout the holidays when it comes to giving them free dinners everyday.

Whatever your opinion of politics I can safely say we'd have been in better hands throughout this with him at the helm, though that might not be much of a statement considering the same could be said of Worzel Gummidge, with or without counting head.

I used to say some days I despair, I now just despair, every fucking day


Rum Lad


According to this shithouse government Fatima can change her whole life to suit whatever these frauds want and retrain in something like cyber.

Also Fatima just doesn't know it yet.

The absolute arrogance of this is outstanding, to openly say here you go, put aside your lifetime of training and dreams to fit in with what we say is your new normal. Well let's look at that new normal.

210 billion, apparently that's what it has cost to spend six months fucking about and not really getting anywhere. 210 billion to place people in positions of power like Cummings who have zero idea how the science of this actually works and if they do they are blatantly choosing to ignore it. 210 billion to outsource it to private companies most of which have little to non experience in ppe or any other medical field but DO have links to people within the conservative government. 210 billion to say 'hey! get yourselves in pubs and eat at 50% off your bill but then hey! now that's done with it's clearly everybody's fault the virus is at this stage because people have all been out socialising and mixing in pubs and restaurants.

210 billion to piss on the very working classes that were fooled into putting them in power.

Anybody else in a job of power who blew that much of a companies budget would be put out on the street with immediate effect and sacked lets not beat about the fucking bush here, but not the UK, no, we'll carry on allowing a man on his own mission to waste our money and make our decisions and lead us right up the garden path to oblivion and record breaking unemployment levels.

Good luck Fatima, you might need it when you see the queue for a single solitary job in anything is about a thousand long.....something that they failed to mention when they were telling you, you could retrain.....

Peace. Rum Lad

Divide & Conquer 

I was having a conversation with someone I consider a close friend these days, Paul Hammond radio DJ from radio show Punk AF, and we were talking about how this bastard of a government were stripping this country so far back in terms of the working classes that they had zero chance in this current covid led climate and that it was going to get far worse than we actually think.

Now the conversation turned pretty quickly to the homeless and how they'd been given a roof over their heads at the beginning of this lockdown and then quickly turned out onto the streets again soon after.

Well, winter is on the way soon and there is plenty of talk of another major lockdown happening so what then? do they miraculously find properties for them again or leave them stranded? We got onto the subject of ex military camps and lots of talk of them being used to house immigrants and how some of that housing might be useful to get people into actual lifetime housing and then we started to talk about why those camps aren't used to house EVERYONE, we have lots of ex military and other skilled people out on the streets so why haven't those people been housed with people from other countries who are in need? share skills, repair these ex military houses together and create a family atmosphere, learn with and about each other, why the separation? why does it have to be those people in there and those people you can go over there, also you people you can stay there as we know that those people over there will fucking hate you even more, we know they have done it with social housing countrywide and to me its all the same.....Divide & Conquer

Why the fuck would these tory bastards want to risk every single person living in harmony all sharing the same thoughts and living in peace? Is it because they are scared to death of a whole country all having the same ideals and completely turning on the very people in power who are happy to see a dysfunctional Great Britain as long as the rich keep getting catered for?

Of course it is, I was brought up on a council estate, my life like lots of other peoples has been up and down, but where I come from you know where you stand when it comes to morals and humanity and this shit never ever sits well with me.

These bastards will never have your back, never, and they will continue to separate all types and races of human beings as hate pays but harmony does not.

Don't be fooled people.


Rum Lad